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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Flash! SPIRIT lowers high blood pressure!

What's one of the most common things a nurse does upon entering a patient's room? Check the blood pressure. So just imagine the work-arounds that were happening over and over again before this problem was called out as part of BIDMC SPIRIT. I post the results from the problem log.

Type of Problem -- Save Time; Improve Patient Care
Campus -- East
Setting -- Inpatient Ward
Location of Problem -- 12 Reisman
Problem -- Many of the patient rooms missing blood pressure cuffs and/or parts.
Person Describing Problem -- AnnMarie Grillo, RN

Root Cause
Many of the nursing staff unaware of storage location of BP cuff and extra parts (kept in a closet at the end of the hall). Because of this, missing cuffs and parts not getting replaced.

Solution (after investigation)
Change storage location to more central area.

Action Plan (who, what, by when)
1) Immediately -- room rounds done and all missing cuffs and parts replaced. (Done by AnnMarie Grillo and Gina Murray.)

2) Moved storage location of BP cuffs and parts to a drawer in the medication room at the nurses' station. Labeled drawer and notified the staff. (Done by AnnMarie Grillo and Gina Murray.)

3) Obtained current list of BP cuffs and supplies from Bill Pyne in Distribution. Posted this list in medication room above BP supply drawer for staff to make re-ordering easy. (Done by Kerri Petraitis and Gina Murphy.)

Investigation -- Closed (Complete w/ root cause, solution, action plan complete)

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