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Monday, May 23, 2011

U of M: How're they doing? Your call.

The University of Michigan Health System has done exemplary work in improving the quality and safety of patient care. Perhaps the most visible success, as part of a statewide effort, was to eliminate central line infections in ICUs for extended periods of time. But UofM has a broad-based program beyond this, which gets support from the senior leadership and participation throughout the organization.

The system is also very open about its clinical outcomes and the status of its process improvement. As noted on this website:

This site shows where we're doing great and where we can perform even better. The site also offers information about quality care, quality measures, and what quality really means to the most important people in our community: you - our patients and families. While quality reports from other sites may be a year old or more, the reports on our website show the most up-to-date measures of quality and safety at the University of Michigan Health System.

People are then invited to explore more deeply. I recently did, but rather than offering my opinions about the site, I thought I would ask you to take a few moments to click through it and offer your views here. Knowing the folks at this system, I am sure they would like to have the benefit of your suggestions and ideas about the content and design of their presentation.

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